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Comprehensive Community Planning Team: Hudson McLellan, Victoria Grosse, Jeff Cook and Mallory Blondeau.

Ileah Mattice —

It has been a very busy couple of weeks for the Gaaw Old Massett community, with a number of meetings and events being squeezed into the last days of the year. One event that has been shining in particular, is the Old Massett Comprehensive Community Planning Team discussion-circle evenings at the Adult Day Program Building.

Most Mondays committed community members have been gathering together to discuss a variety of topics related to their nation and ways of living under the banner of Comprehensive Community Planning led by Victoria Grosse, UBC students Mallory Blondeau and Hudson McLellan, and CCP Assistant Freda Davis, who has departed as the community continues the project into its second phase. Citizens have discussed how to protect land and water, improve health and wellbeing, and re-establish trust in one another during two-hour sessions at the Adult Day Program Building in Gaaw.

After the community completed Phase 1 of the plan in March 2017 and began Phase 2 September 2017, it was time to celebrate community members with a Holiday Bash! Over 100 people attended a night full of food, games, and prizes at the Adult Day Program Building on December 14.

Comprehensive Community Planning nights will continue once again in the New Year.

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