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Graduates in Gaw Tlagee in their new regalia.

This year, the Haida Nation is proud to celebrate and acknowledge graduates in Gaw, HlGaagilda and beyond. Throughout the past few months, ceremonies and celebrations have honoured the graduates as they were recognized for their hard work and achievements. The following is a Great List presenting the names of those who have completed certification in their field of choice! Congratulations to you all and we look forward to acknowledging the many citizens who are furthering their education today and will be graduating in the years to come.

If we have missed you or someone you know who has graduated please email us and we will add them to the Great List!


First Nations Language Diploma

Ts’uuwaay Kuuyada Jaad Kristy Alsop

Jaad Xaay.ya Fallon Crosby

Kuunaa Jaad Jennifer Cross

K‘una Jaad Patti Gladstone

Daall Jaad Melody Gravelle

Xaahlgiinanguu Joan Moody

Guud Xang.nga Melinda Pick

St’aay Taw.waay Carla Russ

Gidin Jaad Erica Ryan

Taawgulaad Linda Tollas

Jaad Tlaw Paula Varnell

Siina Cindy Williams

Post Secondary

Heather Burch – Bachelor of Criminology, Simon Fraser University

Trevor Casey – Bachelor of Commerce, University of British Columbia

Roxanne Defant

Megan Dorrington

Aaron Grant – Bachelor in First Nations Studies with Minor in Psychology, University of Northern British Columbia

Niisii Guujaaw – Bachelor of Science, Global Resources combining Marine Biology and Indigenous Studies, UBC

Stacy McNeill – Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program

Jaad Gudgihljiwah Michaela McGuire – Bachelor’s of Arts Major in Criminology, Minor in Sociology, with Distinction,  SFU

Gaagwiis Jason Alsop – Master of Arts in Tourism Management at Royal Roads University

Gyaa XaagaayUance Lauren Brown– Masters of Arts in Leadership, Royal Roads University

Adult Dogwood

Shelby Collinson

Alina Mearns

Yannick Levesque

Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay

Kennedy Jones

Alexis Buxton

Dylan Barnes

Isaac Smith

Jhett Collinson

Davin McDonald

Kenny Brillon

Mike Hughan-Blazic

Jessica Brooks

Jessica Hughan

Jenna Shelford

Brynna Williams

Grade 12 – Off-Islands

Ethan Kuhn

Starnita Nyce

Madison Roy


Post Secondary

JasKwaan Bedard – Social Studies Teacher’s Professional Development Program

Stephanie Watkins – Master of Education, Counselling

Xnia Brown – Bachelor of Social Work

Brittany Grosse – Bachelor of Arts

Gahlaang Daay Jaadaa Charlene Lawrence – Associate of Arts Degree

Hailey Bennett – Associate of Arts and Science Degree

Robert Brown – Stewardship Technician Training Program

Evan Edgars – Stewardship Technician Training Program

Jordan Jones – Stewardship Technician Training Program

Jonas Prevost – Stewardship Technician Training Program

Jutkenjus Laverne Hamilton – Business Management

Naad Kaa, Wang Roger Smith – Freda Diesing Fine Arts Diploma

Guus Gudangee Tlaagaa Jordan Holt – Journeyman Powerline Technician

Tristan Montjoy – Conservation Officer at Vancouver Island University

Dora Bedard – Health Unit Coordinator

Brandon Bell – Harmonized Carpentry Foundation

Gyaagan Sgwaansang Shane Bell – Adventure Tourism & Recreation Coordinator

Richard Brennan – Harmonized Carpentry Foundation

Chase Collison – Harmonized Carpentry Foundation

Kelsey Fitzgerald – Business Administration Certificate

Jeannie Lawson – Health Care Assistant Certificate

Jessie Marks – Harmonized Carpentry Foundation

Jack Nychyporuk – Harmonized Carpentry Foundation

Shaun Smith – Harmonized Carpentry Foundation

Danny Stewart Jr. – Harmonized Carpentry Foundation

Erinn Taggart – Medical Office Assistant Certificate

Sk’ud sgwansing Nico York – Adventure Tourism & Recreation Certificate


Adult Dogwood 

Jordon Williams

Oot kook eonce Danielle Stewart

Sam Derrick-York – Kyah Wiget Education Society

Gudangaay Tlaats’gaa Naay

Brannon Bell

Caylene Bell

Rochelle Drager

Ethan Edgars

Gavin Edgars

Taylor Lantin

Dion Lewis

Heidi Marks

Hannah Parnell

Carol-Lynn Roberts

Paige Setso

Anna Williams

Grade 12 – Off-Islands

Dezirae DeLill

Cullen Brown

Angie Kermer

Salal Ewasiuk

Sydney Parnell

Malcolm Brown


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