The only thing we can change is us!

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Zoologist David Suzuki appeared yesterday at the community hall in Gaaw to speak about various environmental challenges that we face today.

His talk zoned in on the world’s changing oceans, and how we can prepare for climate change which is altering weather and ecological patterns all around the world.

“The only thing we can change is us,” commented Mr Suzuki. “We can change our behaviour. We can change the institutions we create. Get the human constructs into sync with the laws of nature and the things that really matter.”

Mr Suzuki appeared on a panel alongside kil tlaats ‘gaa Peter Lantin President of the Haida Nation, film-maker Ian Mauro of Isuma TV, and Council of the Haida Nation biologist Aggie Cangardel.

The panel answered questions that covered governance and energy, specifically how we can implement alternatives to burning diesel fuel to produce energy on-Island.

“Haida Gwaii has chapters in its history where we’ve made monumental steps and its always been when we come together,” explained kil tlaats ’gaa. “We need to make decisions together as working in isolation of one another is not functional. Gwaii Trust is in excess of $100 million, but there’s these massive problems facing Haida Gwaii like diesel-generated power, the Internet and BC Ferries. By tackling these big issues, we can change our well-being on Haida Gwaii. The will is there.”

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