Tllga sii’ngaay guudang ‘laa (Happy Earth Day)

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alder bark and leaves“Then [Nang Kilsdlas (Raven)] came to a house just behind the last on shore, in which a man lived who had a walking-stick covered with the suckers of the octopus along the sides from top to bottom. Raven wanted to borrow this stick in order to reach the floating house, and after much urging the man let him have it. He laid the stick down pointing towards the house, and it stretched itself out until the suckers fastened upon it. Then he tried to pull the house to land, but in vain. Now he cried to the rocks around him, “Get up and help me!” The stones began to move, but they could not get up; and he said, “You shall lie like that on the ground forever.” Then he went up from the beach to some hard-wood trees which grow along the beaches and are called kaas [which is, in fact, the Sitka Alder], which he shook, telling them to get up and help him; but while he was shaking them, the leaves fell off, after which they all got up like men. Since the leaves fell off, men cannot live long, and die like leaves.”

— A small portion of the story of Raven Travelling

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