Tllga sii’ngaay guudang ‘laa (Happy Earth Day)

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golden spruce“A young man’s disrespect caused a terrible winter storm. The two survivors – a young boy and his chinaay (grandfather) left in search of a new home. His chinaay said to him “Don’t look back! If you look back you will go into the next world. People will be able to stop and admire you, but they won’t be able to talk to you. When you get too old and fall down, you’ll grow up again. You’ll be standing there till the end of the world. Don’t look back. Having walked a long way, the boy looked back. Then his feet grew into the ground. His chinaay tried to help to no avail, and the boy urged his chinaay to go on without him. As he left he said to the boy “It’s alright my son. Even the last generation will look at you and remember your story”. The boy became K̲iid K̲’iiyas (the Golden Spruce).”

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