Warm Feet at the G̲aw Youth Centre

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The finished product and stencils used, created by Muskwa Mostos Kesigok Iskew. PC: Haida Laas/Ileah Mattice

Ileah Mattice

The soft leather lays on the table and the thread spills from the spool as crafters eagerly pull thread through slender needles. The fall season is the perfect time to stay in with family and do crafts, and what better way than going to the Gaw Youth Centre to learn new skills like how to sew moccasins.

One of the events that went on during the second week of October was moccasin making, an opportunity for parents to make their children their first pair of moccasins. Chawsalii Jaadaas Latasha Williams and Blanche Bell have been working at the Gaw Youth Centre in the Tawlang ga Tlaayds Helping Families Department. They have been working hard bringing fun and cultural programs to the families of Gaw.

Muskwa Mostos Kesigok Iskew Lynette La Fontaine, an Otipemisiwak Artist and Aboriginal nurse educator, had been invited to Haida Gwaii to help teach this craft. She is of Metis decent and loves to pass down her knowledge on how to make traditional moccasins. La Fontaine has been here previously as part of the Chee Manuk, BC CDC program for the Men’s Wellness Gathering and did a moccasin workshop with the Adult Day Program.

There are many events that will be coming to the Gaw Youth Centre as well as a few ongoing weekly events that have already been taking place. To keep up to date on events at the Youth Centre, follow their Facebook pages (Old Massett Tawlang ga Tlaayds (0-5) and Old Massett Youth (9+)) for constant updates and event calendars/posters.


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