Haida Gwaii Women’s Dialogue Session

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Rhonda Lee McIsaac —

Women are coming together early November to discuss issues of importance. The Haida Gwaii Women’s Dialogue Sessions are designed “to strengthen the leadership of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women of all ages, and to create positive change that enhances the well-being of women, families, communities, and Nations”.

The sessions will feature panel discussions on women in business, a variety of presentations, and art performances, all focused on addressing issues of significance to women.

These inspirational and empowering sessions are being supported by the Skidegate Band Council, Old Massett Village Council, and Council of the Haida Nation and the sessions will take place over three weekends:

  • Haida Women’s Dialogue Session: November 4-5; Naagudgiikyaagangs Skidegate Community Hall, HlGaagilda
  • All Women’s Dialogue Session: December 2-3; Gamadiis Port Clements Community Hall, Gamadiis
  • Heiltsuk & Haida Women’s Dialogue Session: March 2018 (TBA); Gaaw Old Massett Community Hall, Gaaw

To help facilitate the sessions the organizers are looking for 15, young, Haida women to run World Café-style working-tables during the Haida women’s session in November, the Heiltsuk/Haida session in March, and 8 non-Haida women and 8 young Haida women to facilitate the All Women’s session in December.

To register, volunteer, or to find out more information, check the website at: HaidaGwaiiWomen.com,

or follow the Dialogue Sessions on Facebook and Twitter – @HaidaGwaiiWomen.


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