The president and vice president are elected by all Haida Citizens. Polling stations are set up in each region, Skidegate, Massett, Prince Rupert and Vancouver.

President: kil tlaats ‘gaa Peter Lantin

Vice-president: Ginn wadluu un uula isdaa ayaagang Trevor Russ

Regional Representatives are elected by the Haida Citizens in each of those regions, four (4) representatives from Skidegate and Massett and two (2) representatives from Prince Rupert and Vancouver. There are also seats for representatives from the Skidegate and Old Massett Band Councils.

Skidegate Regional Reps
Gaagwiis Jason Alsop
Kung Xangajii Shawn Cowpar
Huux Percy Crosby
Guud Yuwans William Russ

Old Massett Regional Reps
Kung Xyaalas Tyler Bellis
Kaad Giidee Robert Bennett
Xylang Jaad Xylaa Leslie Brown
Stephen (Buck) Grosse

Vancouver Regional Reps
David Smith
Giinowaan Ernie Swanson

Prince Rupert Regional Reps
Kaakuns Pansy Collison
Dave Dellil

Skidegate Band Council
Billy Yovanovich, Chief Councillor

Old Massett Village Council
Donald (Duffy) Edgars, Chief Councillor