Old Massett Village Council (OMVC) and Skidegate Band Council (SBC) are elected by their membership and perform the function of a village government in their communities. Councils are responsible for the well-being of the communities and enact legal policies and programs in the areas of Capital, Education, Membership, Health, Social Development, etc. They are also mandated to take actions to protect the well-being of Band members and the community; to establish cultural programs and undertake initiatives in economic development.

Village Councils are accountable to the each respective community’s membership and to the Constitution of the Haida Nation.

Old Massett Village Council (OMVC)
Chief Councillor: Donald (Duffy) Edgars
Councillors still in term to Dec 2018: Judy Williams, Adeana Young, Sonia Rice
Councillors elected to Dec 2019: Cecil Brown, Richard Williams, Ross (John) Parnell, and Freda Davis.

Skidegate Band Council (SBC)
Chief Councillor: Billy Yovanovich
Councillors: Duane Alsop, David Crosby, Tracey Hageman, Michelle (Missy) McDonald, Trent Moraes, Michelle (Ooka) Pineault, Robert (Bobby) Williams.